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Note: This post originally appeared in ACM Queue and is being republished here. I can remember the very first software project I worked on. Back then, most programming was for shrink-wrapped software that would spend years in development (since you only released every few years and had long dev cycles because patching bugs was so costly). […]

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Note: This post originally appeared in the ACM Queue publication for my regular column.  There are smart people in the world. And then there are *really* smart people. You know the ones I am talking about – the ones that are so impressive that it doesn’t matter what they do (academia, programming, engineering, or management) […]

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Becoming a Manager

good things come to those who wait - actually - good things come to those who work like crazy and never give up

Becoming a Manager As I’ve said before on this blog: when I started my career, it was never my intention to become a manager. I always wanted to be a software engineer (and one day an architect or principal engineer), and I worked really hard to deepened my technical knowledge  as I possibly could. I […]

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