Getting promoted is awesome.

When you work hard and that work gets not only recognized, but also rewarded? Yeah, that is a pretty great feeling.

Getting promoted is a common goal among many Popforms readers and Pop Star users. And it makes sense, right? The people who read our blog posts and newsletter, who take our sparks, and who do the hard work it takes to keep up in the elite Pop Star membership program, do it because they want to be amazing at their jobs, and with being amazing comes the opportunity to move up and be even more awesome in a bigger way.

But here’s the twist: getting promoted is also essentially like getting a new job — so while the celebration is sweet, there is actually a lot of work ahead.

Which is why we created:

In our latest complimentary career guide, you’ll get a step-by-step action plan to help you rise to the occasion and be amazing when you get promoted. We’ll help you tackle things like:

  • managing relationships with your former team
  • quickly grasping new expectations and goals
  • making a big impact right away
  • connecting with your new peers and forming strategic relationships
  • managing a new manager
  • moving up now that you’re on a new playing field

A promotion is a milestone, not a finish line. You have just begun a brand new journey.

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We worked with the same incredible designer we’ve used for both of our previous guides (which, if you haven’t grabbed them yet, can be found on our site!) to create beautiful worksheets that accompany the content, so you can formulate a personalized action plan to make sure you know exactly what to do to shine from day one.

(Since a bunch of vague ideas are no good if you can’t put them into practice in your real life, right? We craft every single action item and worksheet question to push you towards concrete tools and tasks you can put into place right away.)

We want you to have the tools you need to walk in on your first day with your new title and know that you will own that role.

Download the Popforms guide to getting promoted, and start planning how you’ll shine even brighter in your amazing new role.

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