Last week I launched my very first Kickstarter.

The idea for this project originated from my desire for a cross between a planner and a notebook. I really wanted something with productivity systems built-in (time blocking, goal setting, and planning) but that also had space for notes. I found great “life planners” but they always cost around $50 and most of them looked like they belonged in a scrapbooking room and not a board meeting.

I found myself creating systems to transform my paper notebooks into productivity tools. And every time I did this, I kept asking myself why this sort of notebook didn’t exist.

Finally I decided to do something about it; and I thought crowdfunding was a great way to get the money to create it.

For the last 6 months I have worked with an amazing designer (with experience designing planners!) to prototype and test this new notebook. We have put lots of thoughts into the details; and I would urge you to visit the Kickstarter page to learn more. But to give you an idea, here are some examples:

  • All the calendar and weekly layouts are undated. This way you can pick up the notebook and start using it at any time. Or if you take a week off, you don’t have a bunch of useless pages.
  • 20 perforated pages at the back – and they are blank. Since people tend not to share long written ideas but drawings, diagrams and short notes.
  • Top quality paper so you can actually write on both sides without the ink bleeding through (and this is the biggest reason the notebooks are the price that they are – this type of high quality paper is seldom found in notebooks).
  • Lay flat binding so you can write comfortably across both pages.
  • Weekly inspiration and quotes to help you improve every single week.

I am so proud of this notebook.

I hope you go over to the campaign and check it out. At least watch the video – at less than 2 minutes it is a small investment (and maybe you can see just how uncomfortable I was being on camera!).

And I would be honored if you pledged too! If you do, let me know! You can leave a comment below so I know who to thank. 🙂

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