Update: Based on the amazing response to this post and my passion for building the perfect notebook, we launched a Kickstarter on November 20, 2014 to fund our creation of the perfect notebook.

The Spark Notebook was fully funded just 14 hours after launch, and we have just kept going to see how far we can take this quest for productivity and success. Check it out here to see our progress and get your own Spark Notebook!

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For my whole career, I’ve been looking for the perfect notebook.

Taking notes is one of my secrets of success as a successful leader. It is how I show up with the right answers, it is how I make smart connections between ideas, and it is how I set myself apart as someone who can think big picture while still getting things done day-to-day.

And yet, most of the time, I have struggled to find a notebook that really meets my needs.

I want something with tons of organization, lots of space for taking notes, and something I can customize for all my different needs (research, planning projects, notes from 1:1s and meetings, etc…), but the only notebooks that have all the functionality I need aren’t ones I would be proud to bring into a board meeting.

On the other hand, most notebooks that look professional and sleek tend to lack the functionality I really need. The most streamlined notebooks are so basic that you can’t separate your meeting notes from your brainstorming session, so everything is disorganized.

When you are a superstar at work, you need the right tools *and* you need to look the part.

Imagine walking into a meeting knowing you have all the right answers, and having everyone else in the room take you seriously. Taking notes is one of the secrets of my success as a leader.

I wrote a blog post about my search for the perfect notebook over on the Popforms blog, and I was blown away by the response. I had hit a nerve. So many other people have been looking for the perfect notebook too…

…And so I decided to build it.

I’m launching a Kickstarter soon (update: it’s now live!), where you’ll be able to pledge and get your very own Spark Notebook: the notebook we have all been waiting for. 🙂

And if you want to see previews of the notebook, you can check out some of the sample pages in use over on the Popforms blog! In that same post, I also share some of the lessons I’ve learned about building a successful Kickstarter from some of my mentors (including Dan Shapiro, who built the wildly successful Robot Turtles Kickstarter) and how I am making it an important part of my business.

I am so excited to build this notebook for you, and I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Come along and get the perfect notebook with me!

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