0A0A6707Hi!  And welcome to my little piece of cyberspace.

My name is Kate Matsudaira. I live in Seattle, WA.

My background is in technology and computer science.  Although I have spent the last few years on the management side of things.  I specialize in building and operating large-scale web applications/sites (and wrote a chapter on this topic in the second version of the AOSA book).  More recently my focus has been with SaaS (software as a service) applications and cloud computing (and as it pains me to say it – big data).  I have extensive experience building and managing high performance teams that create really amazing technology to solve important problems.  While I don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all development process I am a fan of some aspects agile development practices and the lean startup movement (especially as it applies to software process), but have experience and opinions on lots of other methods.

In the past, I have worked at several great companies including Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, and Amazon.com.  More recently I have tended to veer towards the start-up world where 1 year is like 5 years in big company time.  I have worked on large-scale platforms (most recently in online video and search) but have also helped build smaller high traffic e-commerce sites.   I have held roles as developer, project manager, product manager, and people manager.  Although the last 7 years I have been a VPE/CTO for companies like Moz, Decide (acquired by eBay), and prior to that Delve Networks (acquired by Limelight).

In 2013, I started my own company Popforms. Our mission was to help superstars shine at work and we built all kinds of amazing courseware and content to help companies train their employees to be better at their jobs. This year (2015) I sold my company to Safari (part of O’Reilly Media) and am working on my next thing (which is going to be founding another startup).

I also created a little notebook all about setting goals and achieving your dreams, called the Volt Planner, that I launched on Kickstarter and then turned into an ecommerce company designed to make you more successful in your work life.

Thanks to my accomplishments I am fortunate enough to work with lots of technology companies (both locally in Seattle, and in other areas of the US) and am invited to speak at various industry events.

Outside of tech I recently (May 2014) became a mom, and so that was new and exciting. I was always ambivalent about children and wasn’t sure I wanted to have one, and he changed my life in a big way. I am a new person and it is pretty awesome. Of course, now I have the challenge of balancing motherhood, family, work, side projects, and my passions. I have a very full cup.

I also love beaches, glitter, cupcakes and cotton candy.  Oh and of course my puppies.  You will seldom find me without my high heels, giant handbags, and my iPhone .  Besides my love of all things glamorous, I am still a geek at heart (ask me to tell you some math jokes or raid with you in a game of WoW).

To learn more about me, you can read my blog or follow me on twitter, or drop me a note via email!

Below is more information on interesting press some of the past events I have attended….

Video Coverage & Awards

                                    • Speaking at SurgeCon on Scaling and participating in a panel on Big Data in the Cloud in September 2011 – video here!

                                      And this is a demo of my ACM portait linked to above:


                                      Past Speaking Engagements


                                                Future engagements

                                                  If you are interested in having me speak, teach, or write for your website/team/conference/organization/book – feel free to check out my services page for more information.  You can also get a taste from some of my work by clicking on the links above. 



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