Do you ever have a morning where you wake up late or don’t have the energy to be bothered with an outfit besides sweats and T-shirts? I tend to have these days quite often (I am not really a morning person so I have a hard time getting up), but one thing I strive to do is always look clean, pulled together, and classy.  Why?  While there are a few reasons:

  • You never know who you will run into. It has happened to almost every body, the one day you don’t bother to put on makeup, or iron your clothes, you run into your work superiors, a future client, your ex, or maybe even  that girl who used to tease your mercilessly in school.  And of course the first thing that happens is you are flooded with embarrassment and wished you had taken the time to put a little more effort into your appearance.  No one likes to feel ashamed, and so by taking steps to ensure you always look nice–you will be more confident, and you won’t have to hide behind any produce displays in the grocery store.
  • People will give you more respect. Especially at work, people are more likely to respect someone if they look pulled together and organized.   If someone looks sloppy, some people may have difficulty getting past that vision and accepting that this person is actually really organized and capable.  You don’t want your appearance to attract from your work and merits.  Just think about how you feel about the best dressed and worst dressed people in your office?  Who would you want to give the project to?
  • You’ll feel better. Whenever people look good they tend to feel good.  Remember the last time you got a great haircut, how did you feel walking out of the salon?  I know I always feel like a million bucks.  That feeling of confidence will carry over in the other aspects of your demeanor and can really help you approach your life in a positive and constructive way.
  • People will be more attracted to you. Single?  Looking to find a date?  Well the first step is to make yourself presentable and attractive since you never know when or where you may meet *that* person (see first bullet point above).

So those are some great reasons right? (I am sure there are lots of others)  Looking your best and presenting well is a form of personal packaging designed to enhance your professional life, attract mates and propel your self-esteem.

Here are my tips that I employ to make it easier for me to look my best everyday:

  1. Make sure your clothes are in style and fit. Make sure you have a good wardrobe.  Don’t wear things that are out of date or don’t fit nicely (an expensive pair of ill fitting pants, still looks sloppy).  Pay attention to current styles (fashion magazines are great sources of inspiration) and craft your own personal style.  Regardless of what you choose to wear, make sure you feel comfortable.
  2. Lay your clothes out the night before. For everyone who has trouble waking up or chronically runs late in the morning, this is probably the most useful tip on this list.  Plan your outfits ahead of time (including all the pieces like socks, shoes, and accessories), ideally the night before, that way you can looked pulled together without the additional scrambling in the morning.  Bonus points if you can check the weather before bed and make sure your outfit is climate appropriate.
  3. When in doubt, dress up. No one ever feels that out of place being over dressed, but the reverse it not true for being underdressed.  When in doubt dress it up.  (This is also true of work–just because people wear jeans and a t-shirt doesn’t mean you have to as well.)
  4. Style your hair and makeup. For guys, the main thing to check is that you have a good haircut and you keep it well groomed.  For ladies, you also should pay attention to your hair (keep your roots under control for those of you who color and make sure the cut flatters your face).  If you don’t know how to wear makeup, go to a department store where they sell makeup and ask for a lesson–the girls will teach you what to do and you can buy some new products.  If you don’t have a lot of money, make a list of what you need to buy and purchase 1-2 things each month until you have the full collection.
  5. Get in shape. If you are overweight or subconscious about your body, take action.  Start a workout plan and watch what you eat (weight loss is 80% diet, 20% exercise).  There is no greater investment you can make than making one in yourself so take the time and effort to improve your body.
  6. Get nice “sweats”. If on the weekend you can’t be bothered to wear nice clothes, then buy nice looking grubby clothes.  That means if you are wearing sweat pants make sure they don’t have holes  or stains, the match your top, and maybe even add accessories.  If you need some ideas go through some celebrity photos at–lots of celebrities have mastered the look of pulled together grubby clothes.
  7. Carry an emergency kit. I almost always have lip gloss, deodorant, perfume, and mascara with me.  People also recommend stain remover (they have these great little tide pens), safety pins, and nail files.
  8. Smile. It is the greatest accessory to any outfit.

What tips/tricks do you have to always look your best?

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