If you read my about page then you probably know I work as a software development leader (a.k.a manager, I just like the term leader better).  I started my career writing code as a software engineer, and while I still do write code, I have evolved my job over the years.  Most of the posts are from my journey and all the things I have learned, and mistakes I have made, trying to figure out how to be really awesome at my job.

This section compiles together my most relevant pieces on management and leadership. 
Enjoy, and if you have an opinion on any topic, don’t hesitate to let me know!


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New Job?

Action Plan Series for New Technology Leaders – I put this together during my last new role to help me maintain a checklist and plan I could reuse in the future (since I am sure this is not my last new job).

Here are the sections if you want to skip the intro:

  1. Understanding the strategy
  2. Conversations with the team
  3. Understand and assess technical risks (Technical Risk Assessment)
  4. Focus on early wins

Other Posts on Leadership

Here are some articles I have written on management and leadership from my blog:

Being the Best Manager You Can Be

Managing Up (& Around)

Core Soft Skills

 Tactical Advice

Career and Culture


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